The Terraria

  • Cuttlebone

    Cuttlebone is placed near the sphagnum moss in the Jungle Terrarium for the benefit of all the lifeforms within. It is a source of self-regulatory calcium, which can be consumed to increase shell or exoskeleton strength at will. It is highly important for both the Terrarium and snail care in general. It is a common […]

  • Foodrock

    The Foodrock, also known as the Food Platter or the Food Rock, is a small flat rock where food is placed in the Jungle Terrarium. It is a hub of activity in the terrarium, as it is the only large collection of food in the environment. It is where most inter-species contact occurs, which can […]

  • The Terraria

    Welcome to the official archiving site of the almighty Nosk’s majestic terraria. You’ll find information on the various terraria, their inhabitants, and other information. This is the spiritual successor to the “Jakeopod Hive” page on the primary site. The Jungle Terrarium The Jungle Terrarium is the most biodiverse terrarium in the Domain. It has a […]